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    Egis Pharmaceuticals




    A subsidiary of Laboratoires Servier, Egis Pharmaceuticals is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Central Eastern Europe with activities extending to every field of production from research and development, through quality assurance to packaging.


    We provide consulting and development of Ruby on Rails systems for Egis.

    Sonian Inc.

    Information archiving & analytics



    Sonian is a pioneer of public cloud information archiving, serving more than
    25 000 enterprise customers in 43 countries.
    We teamed up with Sonian to implement new functionality in their flagship product to make enterprise communication searchable and accessible in the cloud.

    Additionally we help Sonian integrate various cloud services to flawlessly serve major enterprise partners around the globe.


    Technology: Ruby on Rails, Microsoft Azure, React JS

    Kinnarps Hungary

    Office Furniture

    Sweden / Hungary


    We have created an interactive user satisfaction survey for the Hungarian branch of Sweden's largest office furniture company


    Technology: PHP

    Local Guiding




    Startup Chile graduate startup, LocalGuiding.com asked us to create an iPhone application to match their online tour guide mediator website.


    The app helped passionate local experts around the globe sell more guided tours to touirsts.


    Technology: iOS, Ruby On Rails

    Online Tennis Instruction

    Online marketing, Sport



    Onlinetennisinstruction.com is a leading instructional tennis website. They produce high quality instructional tennis videos that help players all over the world improve their tennis game.


    They were concerned with the effectiveness of their online media presence,


    We provided consulting and development in order to improve their online marketing presence. We created tools to collect and analyse campaign data to improve the effectiveness of their campaigns.


    Technology: WordPress, PHP, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, AWeber


    Mobile app development and marketing.



    ScreamingBox is an innovative web and mobile applications development and marketing company, that is passionate about creating high performance web and mobile solutions that drive sales and growth for its clients. Thogether with ScreamingBox we create web&mobile solutions for the US market.


    Technology served: Ruby on Rails, iOS, HTML+CSS+JS


    IM client [acquired by Google]

    Instant messaging,start-up, iPhone



    The app is a messaging product for iPhone that uses artificial intelligence to understand messages, then automatically adds relevant information to help you schedule a lunch, reserve a table, buy movie tickets, or share your location in real time.



    We worked on creating the iOS front-end of this novel instant messenger app with veterans of Siri, Apple, Google, TechCrunch, and Yahoo! Messenger as part of the ScreamingBox development team.



    Technology: iOS, Objective-C

    Home decoration web application




    A web app that guides users through the home decorating process, provides quality designer-like guidance. The product reduces the risk of making design purchase decisions and thereby creates confident consumers. 


    We created the website and visual editor as part of the ScreamingBox development team.


    Technology: Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Heroku


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